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Got Milk?

You’d think Mr. Obama and his fellow statists would have something better to do than stomping on the Amish, but no, the nanny state strikes again.   Believe it or not, there are people who simply want to be left alone to eat and drink what they want, and in fact some people have physical problems drinking pasteurized milk.   So they first tried cow-sharing, where a group of raw milk aficionados pay a local farmer to board and milk a cow for them.  But the nanny state outlawed that practice, so they tried to buy milk from a farm that sells raw milk.  But, of course that broke the interstate commerce law and ran afoul of the FDA.  Now the small farmer in Amish country PA has to fight a court battle just so he can keep selling his milk to folks in the DC area. 


So the little guy milk producer gets the kibosh while big ag cozies a little bit closer to nanny Fed.

As other “makers” of the world look on, they contemplate going just a little more Galt every day.


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